Parents and Friends' Association (PFA)

We, at Blackfen School, are very keen to maintain a close-knit community including the girls, their teachers, parents and carers. All too often when transferring from junior schools it is easy to lose the close contact that builds up over years of standing outside the school gates at 3.30pm! We realise that everyone leads very busy lives and time is always in short supply. It is easy to leave the girls to get on with their lives at school, bearing in mind their independence develops rapidly once entering secondary school.

However, we would really welcome your involvement in the life of Blackfen (without encroaching too much on your spare time) and would be grateful if you would be willing to give up just a little time to help at both Parents and Friends Association events and in other school activities.

Over the last couple of years the PFA has raised a total of nearly £13,000 for the school which has been used to purchase:

  • Outdoor equipment for the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme
  • Library Management System
  • Data Projector
  • Two violins
  • Equipment for the Maths club
  • Donated £400 each to 6 of the school's subject areas
  • 26 outside picnic tables