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Blackfen School for Girls

Blackfen School for Girls

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Students working from home

Any student who is self isolating

Work from home
If possible, students should try to follow their timetable at home and do work in those subjects according to their timetable on that day.  This will ensure that they maintain their study and learning routines. Teachers have already offered guidance to their classes as to the work that should be completed during any absence due to the latest situation.  However, students are able to access their Office365 login here: and login as normal, using their network login followed by, in order to access their school email Inbox, their calendar, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams as well as other tools. They can also download up to five copies of MS Office software like Word and Excel, for free, if they have not done so already. Some teaching staff already make use of Office365 tools to email students about work and to upload lesson resources into SharePoint and Teams.

Relevant websites for students’ independent study or follow-up on classwork, homework and coursework or for general research are listed in the 'Home Study' page on the school website, located under “School life” and then in the “Parents” section. At the bottom of the ‘Home Study’ page, there are two documents that offer further help and recommendations entitled “Reading across the Curriculum” and “KS4 Passport to Success”. In the Curriculum section of the School website you will find information about the Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 curriculum at Blackfen School and in the ‘Sixth form’ section, you will find information on our Sixth Form Curriculum.

Students can also use Google and YouTube for study and support by searching on specific topics, e.g. 'quadratic graphs', 'GCSE English Poems', 'photosynthesis revision'. A whole variety of support materials, websites and videos posted by teachers, experts and students, themselves, to support learning are available for download. I trust that all of this information will help families to adopt a temporary period of independent study.