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Blackfen School for Girls

Blackfen School for Girls

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Drama A Level


Exam board:  Edexcel

Why study this subject:

A level Drama and Theatre will prepare you for the world of work and also for future study within a variety of Higher Education programmes.  The A level will make demands on you as a performer, director, creator and analyser of performances—this will develop your  skills in both academic and vocational settings.  You will learn presentation and public speaking skills and apply these to your delivery of research in engaging and innovative ways.  You will learn about key figures in theatre history and how they have influenced the world of theatre, radio, film and literature.  You will analyse texts from differing perspectives that include historical, cultural, social and political approaches and you will be able to draw links from the plays studied to important social events such as WW2 thus learning how theatre has reflected on the world surrounding it and how

theatre has created important culture shifts in response to challenging contexts.


Students will study plays from a practical and academic perspective with links drawn across the different tasks.  You must be prepared to read plays, learn lines, perform or direct and then analyse the decisions made.  You must be prepared to attend the theatre and review the directorial decisions made. You will research practically and academically how social events have impacted on the creation of theatrical processes.

How will I be assessed:

Component 1- Devising (40%) Group Performance plus 2500 word portfolio/essay.

Students participate in the creation, development and performance of a piece of devised theatre using the techniques of an influential theatre practitioner in response to one key extract from a performance text.

Students must produce:

• A realisation of their piece of devised theatre. (60 marks).

• A portfolio of supporting evidence 2500-3000 words. (20 marks)


Component 2- Text in Performance (20%) (Group Performance + Monologue/Duologue)

Students will perform from two different performance texts

Students must produce:


• A group performance of an extract from a performance text. (36 marks)

• A monologue or duologue from a contrasting performance text.


Component 3- Theatre Makers in Practice (40%) (Written examination 2.5 hours)

Section A- Live Theatre Evaluation (20 marks) 


Section B- Page To Stage: Realising a Performance Text (36 marks): Students will answer two extended response questions. Students will answer one question from the perspective of a Performer and one from the perspective of a Designer.


Section C- Interpreting a Performance Text (24 marks): Students will answer one extended question on a text they have studied. They will answer the question as a Director with their own Production concept for the play

Future Careers:

The Cultural Industries offer a range of careers to successful students of theatre which includes: directing, performing, curating, teaching, archiving, technical opportunities (e.g. lighting designer, sound operator), front of house opportunities (e.g. box office, arts centre manager), fund raising, administration, finance and running your own theatre company.