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Examinations Information

Summer 2021 results

Collection of results

We are inviting Year 11, Year 12, and Year 13 students to collect their results, in school, as is our usual practice but with continued adherence to the protocols of social distancing. Unfortunately, this means it will not be possible to bring friends and family members to collect examination results.

On arrival at the pedestrian gate, students will be directed to one of the external doors in the Performance Space where they will sanitise their hands. Inside the Performance Space, they will queue in marked spaces, in order to keep their distance at 1 metre apart. Students will pick up their own results envelope, clearly marked with their name. They will sign a form to confirm their collection of examination results and must bring their own pen and a copy of their examination number. We will not be issuing pens to students.


Year 13 collection of results on Tuesday 10th August

Year 13 students should arrive at the single pedestrian gate at the front of school, leading down the path towards Sherwood Park Primary School, no more than 10 minutes before their allocated time. 

9.00 am – Group 1

9.30 am – Group 2

10.00 am – Group 3

10.30 am – Group 4

Please contact the Sixth Form team if you do not know which group to attend. Ms Brewer and a small staff team will be available in the Reception area, next to the Performance Space, if you have further queries about your grades. Sixth Form students who are due to collect GCSE examination results should attend the GCSE results day at 9.00am on 12th August 2021.


Year 11 and Year 12 collection of results on Thursday 12th August

Students should arrive at the single pedestrian gate at the front of school, leading down the path towards Sherwood Park Primary School, no more than 10 minutes before their allocated time:

9.00 am – Blue Community and Year 12 students collecting GCSE or BTEC Level 2 results

9.30 am – Green Community

10.00 am – Purple Community

10.30 am -  Red Community

11.00 am - Yellow Community

Having collected their results, students should open their envelopes quickly, so that staff can deal with enquiries or questions efficiently. Parents may collect results on behalf of students if suitable identification is provided, for example, a driving licence photo card or passport.  It is not possible for friends to collect results on behalf of students and any results envelopes that are not collected at this time, will be posted home to students.


Year 11 enrolment in the Sixth Form

Sixth Form enrolment for September 2021 is on-line. Year 11 students will receive details, via email, about how to fill in the enrolment form, which must be completed on 12th August 2021 when GCSE results are received and when students will be able to email or phone for guidance about taking up their place in the Sixth Form. In the meantime - and before 12th August 2021 – Year 11 students should send any queries to the Sixth Form staff team via their dedicated email - - and keep checking the New Year 12 Team regularly on the school’s “Teams” platform, for updates and further information.


Appeals process

Please read the following documents in the list below: 'Examination Appeals - FAQs' which describes the Appeals process in school and the Appeals request form 'JCQ Appeals Guidance Summer 2021 Appendix B'. 

Following results days, students should download and complete the Stage 1 section of the JCQ form here (JCQ Appeals Guidance Summer 2021 Appendix B) or from the document list below and send it to the school via the dedicated email NO OTHER FORM OR FORMAT WILL BE PROCESSED. DO NOT POST PAPER COPIES OF THIS DOCUMENT TO THE SCHOOL. Students should also note that a separate application must be made for every subject grade that they wish to appeal. 

Timeline for the Appeals process

10th August to 7th September 2021: Priority Appeals

Priority requests must be received via email by 12pm on Friday 13th August 2021 at the latest. Write ‘Year 13 Priority Appeal’ in the subject line of the email. Priority appeals are only open to A level students starting university this autumn, who have missed out on the conditions of their firm or insurance offer.

10th August to 13th August 2021: Requests for Stage 1 Centre Review 

10th August to end October 2021: Non-priority Appeal window

10th August to 3rd September 2021: Requests for Stage 1 Centre Review

All requests for Appeals must be received via email by Friday 3rd September 2021 at the latest. Write ‘Year 13 Appeal’ or 'Year 11 Appeal' in the subject line of the email.


The 'Autumn series' of examinations

As was the case last year, Ofqual has confirmed that students who have received centre assessed grades in Summer 2021 “can take the corresponding GCSE, AS and A level exams in Autumn 2021. In addition, any student who was aged at least 16 on 31 August 2021 can take the GCSE English language and maths exams, as is usually the case.”

Please read the document in the list below called 'JCQ - Arrangements for GCSE, AS and A level exams in autumn 2021’. In summary, Ofqual has decided that:

• Exam boards will have to offer exams in all GCSE and A level subjects and AS exams in biology, chemistry, further maths, maths, and physics; exam boards will be able to offer AS exams in other subjects if they wish

• Exams will be in their normal format, with no adaptations made

• Grades will be determined by a student’s performance in an exam for all subjects, except for art and design qualifications.


The 'Autumn series' examination schedule runs as follows:  

AS and A-level examinations start on Monday 4th October and finish on Friday 22nd October.

GCSE examinations start on Monday 1st November and finish on Friday 3rd December.

We will upload the timetable for all subjects as soon as these dates are made available to schools. 


Process for being entered for examinations in the 'Autumn series'

The deadlines for entry are as follows:

AS & A-level: 9.00 am on 8th August 2021

GCSE: 9.00 am on 4th October 2021


Registration for examinations in the 'Autumn series' is via email to stating your full name, examination candidate number and the examination which you want to take, for example:

Jane Brown 7168 GCSE History

David Green 7906 A-level Psychology

Students will receive an email confirming they have been entered for the examinations requested. Individual examination timetables will be issued to students in September.