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Key Stage 4 Course Selection Process

Blackfen School for Girls - Key Stage 4 Course Selection Process

Key dates, events and deadlines for Year 9 parents, carers and students

Year 9 students select their Key Stage 4 courses for study in Year 10 and Year 11 in the Spring term, thereby beginning their transition from Key Stage 3 into Key Stage 4. These decisions are exciting, serious and very important, which is why the input of family support and guidance is absolutely essential. 

The schedule below sets out the timeline of events which support the selection of Key Stage 4 courses. Parents, carers and students should note the dates and events carefully, while considering the options available for study in Key stage 4, as well as the support and guidance offered by the school. 

January – March 2024

• Students: Small-group careers interviews in school with ‘CER Education’ careers adviser

• Students: Key stage 4 course selection assembly (2) - ‘Making the best choice’

• Students: Key Stage 4 course selection "Spotlights" – Mini meetings about specific KS4 courses

• Students/Parents/Carers: Attend Year 9 Information Evening on 8.2.24 about Key Stage 4 course selection process

• Students/Parents/Carers: Mini-film available on the school website - ‘The Subject Leader guides to Key Stage 4 courses’

• Students/Parents/Carers: Attend Year 9 Parents Evening in school on 22.2.24:

All Green and Red Community groups and Blue Communities 1 – 4

• Students/Parents/Carers: Attend Year 9 Parents Evening in school on 29.2.24:

All Yellow and Purple Community groups and Blue Communities 5 – 9

March 2024

• Parents/Carers: Wednesday 6th March 2024 - Submit online course selection form.

• Students: Wednesday 13th March 2024 - Interviews in school with a member of the Leadership Team to confirm course selection

The Subject Leader guides - Spring 2024   

Year 9 parents and carers have now received the Key Stage 4 course selection booklet and the Year 9 Information Evening presentation to guide the selection of qualifications offered for study in Year 10 and Year 11. In addition to these documents, we recommend watching the mini film below called the ‘Subject Leader guides’, in which Key Stage 4 courses are explained in more detail. At the end of the film, the compulsory GCSE courses in English, Mathematics and Science are also explained. You can navigate to different subjects in the film by using the time references provided.

You can select the ‘Key Stage 4 subject selection form’ from the red tab on the right-hand side of this page, which should be completed by the deadline date of Wednesday 6th March.

0:00:07 - Duke of Edinburgh, Sports Leadership (Level 1) & Dance Leadership (Level 1)

0:09:30 - GCSE Citizenship

0:12:41 - GCSE Religious Studies  

0:19:36 - GCSE History

0:24:04 - GCSE Geography

0:30:55 - GCSE French & Spanish

0:36:07 - GCSE Triple Science

0:39:32 - GCSE Fine Art

0:43:57 - GCSE Photography

0:47:52 - GCSE Textiles

0:51:47 - BTEC Enterprise and GCSE Business

0:55:46 - GCSE Computer Science

0:59:15 - GCSE Dance

1:03:42 - GCSE Drama

1:07:35 - GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition

1:11:52 - BTEC - Health and Social Care

1:15:03 - GCSE ICT - Cambridge Nationals in Information Technology

1:19:50 - GCSE Music

1:23:03 - Cambridge Nationals in Sport Studies

1:25:33 - GCSE Statistics

1:28:54 - GCSE English

1:32:35 - GCSE Mathematics

1:34:58 - GCSE Combined Science