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Blackfen School for Girls

Blackfen School for Girls

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Key Stage 4 Course Selection Process

Blackfen School for Girls - Key Stage 4 Course Selection Process

Year 9 parent, carers, and students have now received the first guidance booklet:, ‘Year 9 preparation for Key Stage 4 course selection’, which enables students to start looking into the world of education, training and employment via the Kudos website. The second guidance booklet, ‘Key Stage 4 course selection for 2022: Course information booklet’, has also been issued and explains the qualifications offered for study in Key Stage 4.

In addition to these documents, there are two recorded presentations available which are designed to help students and their families to process the information provided in the booklets. We recommend watching the Year 9 Information Evening presentation first, which is available to view in Year 9 Teams. 

In addition to this presentation, there is the Subject Leaders guides film - see below - in which each qualification is explained by the Subject Leader. At the end of the film, the compulsory courses taken by all students are also explained. You can navigate to different subjects in the film by using the time references provided. Hover over the red dots below the film screen to pick up the subject titles.

The Subject Leader guides - Spring 2022 

Please skip through to the relevant subjects using the chapter time references.

0:00:06 - Duke of Edinburgh, Sports Leadership (Level 1) & Dance Leadership (Level 1)

0:07:36 - GCSE Citizenship

0:10:48 - GCSE Religious Studies

0:17:44 - GCSE History

0:22:10 - GCSE Geography

0:29:01 - GCSE French & Spanish

0:34:12 - GCSE Triple Science: GCSE Biology, GCSE Chemistry & GCSE Biology

0:37:37 - GCSE Art & Design: Fine Art

0:42:03 - GCSE Art & Design: Photography

0:44:51 - GCSE Art & Design: Textiles

0:48:07 - BTEC Enterprise

0:50:23 - GCSE Business

0:52:20 - GCSE Dance

0:55:55 - GCSE Drama

0:59:23 - GCSE Economics

1:04:34 - GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition

1:09:21 - BTEC - Health & Social Care

1:12:32 - ICT - Cambridge Nationals in Information Technology

1:15:40 - GCSE Music 1:17:36 - BTEC - Sport

1:20:08 - GCSE Statistics

1:23:22 - GCSE English Language & Literature

1:26:30 - GCSE Mathematics

1:29:00 - GCSE Combined Science


Key dates, events and deadlines for Year 9 Parents/carers and students

January – March 2022 

  • Students: Small-group careers interviews in school with ‘Prospects’ careers adviser.  
  • Students: Year 9 Assembly - ‘Key Stage 4 course selection’. 
  • Students: Key Stage 4 course selection Spotlights – Information about selected Key Stage 4 courses. 
  • Students/Parents/Carers: 10.2.22 - Year 9 Information Evening about Key Stage 4 courses. 
  • Students/Parents/Carers: Watch on-line presentations in Microsoft Teams - ‘Year 9 Information Evening about the KS4 course selection process' and the ‘Subject Leader guides to Key Stage 4 courses’


Year 9 Parents Evenings

The Year 9 remote Parents Evenings (via 'SchoolCloud') take place on Thursday 24th February 2022 and Thursday 3rd March 2022 from 4.00pm to 6.30pm.  Appointments with each teacher last for 10 minutes and can be made on the ‘SchoolCloud’ system as from 10th February 2022.

Thursday 24th February 2022 is for all Blue Community, all Red Community and Green Community Groups 1-4.

Thursday 3rd March 2022 is for all Yellow Community, all Purple Community and Green Community Groups 5-9. 

The booking system closes on the following dates:

Thursday 24th February 2022 - Booking system closes at 4.00pm on Wednesday 23rd February 2022.

Thursday 3rd March 2022 - Booking system closes at 4.00pm on Wednesday 2nd March 2022. 


March 2022  

  • Parents/Carers: Wednesday 9th March 2022 - Submit on-line Key Stage 4 course selection form. 
  • Students: Week beginning 14th March 2022 - Interviews in school with a member of the Leadership Team to confirm course selection.  


16.11.21: The Year 9 Assembly - Lights! Camera! Action! - is saved in Year 9 TEAMS which students can access on their phone, iPad, or PC by following the instructions in the letter sent to parents/carers.