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Media BTEC


Extended Certificate

Exam board: Edexcel

Why study this subject:

Media Studies is a most empowering subject that enables students to understand and appreciate the constantly changing world they will live in – and succeed in it.

The aim of this Media Studies course is to enhance students’ enjoyment and appreciation of the media and its role in their daily lives; develop critical understanding of the media through engagement with media products and concepts and through the creative application of practical skills; explore production processes, technologies and contexts; become independent in research skills and their application.  


We will study four units.  1.  Media representations, where we learn about the way ideas or characters are represented, based on camera shots, mise en scene, sound and editing.   Students  critically analyse and deconstruct media representations in an audio-visual media extract working to a set of questions.

Unit 4, a preproduction portfolio for a brief, which will involve researching the magazine industry including researching audiences, learning about demographics, psychographics magazine circulation, risk assessments and layout drafts.

Unit 8:  Responding to a commission, Students are given pre-release details of a       commission and will need to produce a pitch, proposal and treatment of their ideas for a media product.

Unit 14:  Digital Magazine Production:  students will study a range of different magazines, before making their own the front cover and double page spread of a new fashion magazine, which will involve their own journalism, photography and layout design.

How will I be assessed: 

Assessment will be through one exam, on unit 1, as well as completion of unit 4 (coursework)  8, which will be done in school, but marked by the exam board, and Unit 14 which is coursework.

Future course and possible careers:

Journalism, social media, computer games programming and design, working in film, television or broadcasting, working as a photographer, stylist, graphic designer, script writer, director, camera operator, sound recording artist, as well as many other possible career paths.

There are more than 1300 university degree courses dedicated to different aspects of the media, including film studies, broadcasting, video editing, social media, marketing, communication studies.  Degree courses in the media might be practical or theoretical.  Media graduates are often highly skilled in lots of different disciplines including meeting deadlines, multi-tasking, working independently, and being expert communicators