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Blackfen School for Girls

Blackfen School for Girls

Raising aspirations - releasing potential

Year 6 Induction 

Welcome to Blackfen School

Our partnership begins


Communication - Year 7 events

•Induction Day and Evening Part 1 Tuesday 2nd July 2019

Part 2 induction evening Thursday 5th September

•Year 7 ‘Settling in’ meeting with tutors on

•Year 7 Parents’ Evening to meet subject staff on

•Autumn, Spring and Summer Progress Updates

•Autumn, Spring and Summer Progress Updates show students’ current attainment grades, Rewards, Sanctions and application of Growth Mindset attitudes to learning. Part 2 Induction Evening on 7th September 2017 will explain Growth Mindset expectations and practice.

•Meetings with staff are by appointment only – you must give 24 hours’ notice.

•Please sign in at Reception.

•Return phone calls – expectations within 48 hours

Key documents

•The Home – School Agreement: the Blackfen partnership that makes students successful

•The Teaching and Learning Charter: sets out how the school fulfils its core purpose

•The Behaviour Charter: explains the rewards and sanctions used in school


•Key stage Co-ordinators– monitors students’ academic development.

•Student Support Officers – allocated to every Community to work with the Deputy Head teacher, Ms Cascarino, Assistant Head teacher, Ms Hoad.

•Form Tutor – meets students daily and supports their academic and personal development.

We are looking forward to welcoming your daughter to Blackfen School

Extra Information ....

•Students will get free lunch on 4th & 5th September

Pupil Premium

#Bounce  (Catch up premium) is a ‘Period 6’ event just for Year 7

Eligibility is that you join us in Sept below Level 4 in English and/or Maths

Work in small groups on a 4 weekly program for 1 hour to boost those grades.

Be Determined to succeed – be determined to fly….