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Blackfen School for Girls

Blackfen School for Girls

Raising aspirations - releasing potential

Home Study

Students can access their School Office365 login here:


Or click on the SharePoint link at the top right of this website


Students should login as normal using their network login followed by They can then access their school email Outlook, their Calendar, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams as well as other tools.  They can download MS Office software including Word, Excel and PowerPoint for free on up to five devices, if they have not done so already.


To support learning, whether it is for following up on classwork, supporting homework or exam coursework or general interest then the school recommends the following websites:



As part of the careers guidance and education programme we deliver at Blackfen School for Girls your child has access to New Kudos, the latest program from CASCAID.  New Kudos is accessible online and we are encouraging the use of it at home to involve parents with the important decisions your child has to make about their future options. New Kudos will help your child to assess their interests and skills, as well as letting them explore and research different education and career options, enabling them to make informed decisions about their future.

To access the program please visit and click on the log in button, your child can then log in using the access details given to them by Mrs Smith.

Username: student email address

Password: students should know this but if they have forgotten if they go to the website via the link above and click 'Forgotten your details?', students just enter their email address and they will be a emailed a link to change their password.

All CASCAID programs come with a comprehensive range of support materials including the Parents’/Carers’ Guide to Careers Education & Guidance. This Guide will help you understand the options available to your child at each transition stage.

To view the Parents’ Guide please visit 

Here is a link to the Careers section of the School website for more details about our independent Careers provision.

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader can already be accessed from home by students to take quizzes on books they have read. Students and parent/carers can find details HERE:

To help support teachers, students and parent/carers to ‘Keep the nation reading’, Accelerated Reader are also offering all schools in the UK and Ireland free limited access to thousands of digital books through myON and articles from myON News. Start reading here


PiXL School Number: 201890
Password: Indep41



Business A Level students



Citizenship (KS4)

KS4 Citizenship BBC Bitesize

UK Parliament Education Website

What is the UN Newsround


Computing & ICT KS3:



Computing & ICT  KS4:


Computing & ICT  KS5:

Drama KS3

Key words-

Drama KS4

Drama KS4/KS5

Digital Theatre but students will need to contact Miss Padbury, via Teams or email to get the login


Oti Mabuse is also doing LIVE dance classes, 11:30 for students and 19:30 for adults:

Dance KS3

Use of Youtube

Year 7- 

Year 8-

Year 9- 

Dance KS4 & KS5 (Would need to contact Mrs Davis or Mrs Magrowski for a login via Teams or email

Use of Quizlet- Dance Revision Flash Cards


English KS3 Bitesize

English KS4 Bitesize

GCSE bitesize Language -

GCSE Literature -

Mr Bruff -

Mrs Whelan -

Audio texts (BBC radio Romeo and Juliet, An Inspector Calls, A Christmas Carol)

English KS5

The Victorian Web -

The British Library -




Health & Social Care (KS4 and KS5)




KS3 - BBC Bitesize


Exam information -

A Level -


Law A-level / BTEC



Maths watch -

Student login: Year they were in year 7, first initial, surname @ blackfen

Password : mathswatch

E.g. A student called Chloe Smith In Year 8 would have the login   18csmith@blackfen

Collins Maths GCSE Foundation & Higher textbooks online -

Student Login : BSFGstudent

Student Password : blackfen

Pixl Maths app for Year 11. Download app onto SmartPhone or Tablet -

Students have been given their  need to speak to their maths teacher for the login details

Corbett Maths -

Maths genie -

Mr Barton Maths -

BBC Bitesize

KS3 -




Year 11 into Year 12 preparation work can be found as an attachment at the bottom of this webpage


Year 12 and 13 websites:


MFL (subscription)







GCSE BBC bitesize

BBC Blueprint



British Olympic Association

London 2012


National Sports Organisations:

Sport England

English institute of sport

Sport Scotland

Sports Council for Wales

Sports council for Northern Ireland


Doping information:

World anti doping agency

UK sport (National drug testing agency)


Sports Nutrition:

Australian Institute of sport

British Nutrition foundation


Sports Science:

British Assoc of Sport & Exercise Medicine

British Assoc of Sport & Exercise Science

British Psychological Society

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

National Sports Medicine Institute of the UK

Association for the advancement Of Applied Sport Psychology

British Journal of Sports Medicine

Sports medicine www.sportsmedicine.comInternational Society of Sports





Democracy and Justice

Identity & Diversity

Rights and Responsibilities


Politics A Level

General resources:

How it works: parliament, government, democracy and you 16-18-booklet


News outlets:

The Guardian Newspaper

Al Jazeera International news

Huffington Post UK

Huff Post USA

BBC News

YouTube Channels:

Crash Course

The Telegraph TV

The London School of Economics (LSE)


Public Services






· · 

·  includes Video clips on this website are good, all GCSE content is covered)

· · 

·  Includes Free Science Lessons on YouTube has clips that cover all GCSE content)

BTEC Science KS5 - have access to Microsoft Teams and Active Learn to their resources


Year 9 Technology

ALL year 9 students can access Seneca learning using the class code: y4ka2m2t7i

Student's can also download the Seneca learning app if they do not have a computer. The link for this is


Teachers have set over 20 assignments for students

Design Technology




KS4 students can also access Seneca learning using the class code: hgs4062qfp - HERE:

Student's can also download the Seneca learning app if they do not have a computer. The link for this is


They can also scan the QR code:  


Students have been set 13 assignments for the entire AQA course


Using Google and YouTube - just search on the topic you want support with 'quadratic graphs', 'GCSE English Poems', 'photosynthesis revision' etc and you will find page after page of support materials, websites and videos posted by teachers, experts and students themselves to support learning.


In the Curriculum section of this website you will find information about Blackfen's curriculum and many Faculties and Subject area have recommended websites to support learning.


In the sixth form Curriculum section of this website you will find information about Blackfen's curriculum and many Faculties and Subject area have recommended websites to support learning.